Leader Of Lawrence, Mass Drug Trafficking Organization Sentenced To 12 Years


By Tiffany Williams –

On Monday at the U.S. District Court in Boston, Senior District Court Judge Douglas P. Woodlock sentenced Juan Anibal Patrone, 29, a Dominican national formerly residing in Lawrence to 12 years in prison and five years of supervised release. After being released from custody, Patrone will be subject to deportation.

In September 2018, Patron pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to possess with intent to distribute heroin, cocaine and 400 grams or more of fentanyl and one count of being an alien in possession of a firearm.

Patron was the subject of an operation involving the DEA that dismantled two Lawrence-based drug trafficking organizations. Evidence would show that Patron was the leader of one of two drug trafficking organizations in the city of Lawrence.

Patrone purchased drugs from suppliers, such as Domingo Gonzalez Martinez, who sold drugs to Patrone out of the Corniel Market in Lawrence.

Patrone personally paid rent for stash houses, including 277 Merrimack Street and 20 Cambridge Street in Lawrence, and paid his brother, Josuel Moises Patrone-Gonzalez, and Oscar Marcano, to prepare and package drugs in those stash houses.

Evidence would also show that Patrone ran a crew of couriers, like Luis Lugo and Leonel Vives, Daniel Diaz and Andruery Fanas Burgos, telling them specifically where to go and who to see.

Redistributors working for Patrone who came from New Hampshire and Maine to obtain drugs to redistribute outside of Massachusetts, were personally directed by Patrone on where to go to purchase narcotics.

Evidence would also show that Patrone paid Euclides Alcantara to register and insure his fleet of vehicles in false names, and to carry drug proceeds to the Dominican Republic.

The investigation included the use of electronic surveillance and in one call that was intercepted, Patrone admitted that he had worked in the business for seven years and wanted to return to the Dominican Republic, where he planned to get out of the drug business and live well.

Through electronic surveillance it was also discovered that Patrone’s assets were primarily in the Dominican Republic, and the government there did undertake efforts to freeze and forfeit them as part of his sentence in this case.

In May of 2017 when Patrone was arrested, at his home agents found a 10mm Auto-Ordnance Corp, loaded with a magazine containing six 10mm rounds of ammunition.

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